Ras el Hanout

Yield: 2 Tbsp.

Reorder No. Description Amount
224944Trade East Ground Nutmeg1 Tbsp.
513695Trade East Ground Ginger1 tsp.
514187Trade East Ground Turmeric1 tsp.
829862Trade East Ground Coriander1 tsp.
562793Mint Leaves1 tsp.
225061Trade East Restaurant Grind Black Pepper1/2 tsp.
430196Trade East Crushed Red Pepper1/2 tsp.
273945Trade East Ground Cumin1/4 tsp.
224723Trade East Ground Cinnamon1/4 tsp.
 Saffron, crumbled1/8 tsp.

Preparation Instruction

Mix all spices together until well blended. Store in sealed container in a cool dry place. Use in any recipe that calls for ras el hanout. Also delicious sprinkled on fish or chicken before grilling, or added to rice or couscous.