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Pumpkin Pie Spice

Drunken Apple Spinach Salad with Spiced Vinaigrette

Yield: 12 Servings

Reorder No. Description Amount
612626Cranapple Juice2 cups
 Cherry Flavored Brandy1 cup
513873GFS Pure Vanilla Extract2 tsp.
762407Markon Braeburn Apples4 each
311227GFS Lemon Juice3 Tbsp.
513458Balsamic Vinegar3 Tbsp.
432061GFS Olive Oil1/2 cup
514195Trade East Pumpkin Pie Spice2 tsp.
329401Markon Spinach10 oz.
134830GFS Pecan Pieces8 oz.
601701GFS Sharp Cheddar Cheese, diced4 oz.

Preparation Instruction

Wash Hands. Bring juice, brandy and vanilla to a boil over high heat in medium saucepan. Peel and core apples. Cut apples in fourths, and then slice each fourth into 1/4-inch slices. Add apples to saucepan; reduce heat and simmer 3 minutes. Remove from heat; cool for 1 hour (for optimum color). Whisk balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil and Trade East Pumpkin Pie Spice in a small bowl. Divide spinach leaves evenly between salad plates. Sprinkle pecans and cheese over top. Drizzle with vinaigrette. Place an equal amount of apple slices on top of each salad. Serve.