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Zesty Country Seasoning

Green Beans with Crispy Topping

Yield: 10 Servings

Reorder No. Description Amount
647220Trade East Zesty Country Seasoning2 Tbsp.
195944GFS Frozen Green Beans2 1/2 lbs.
134860GFS Walnut Halves and Pieces, chopped finely1/2 cup
789581GFS Seasoned Bread Crumbs1/2 cup

Preparation Instruction

Wash hands. Steam green beans to desired doneness. Set aside. Heat large skillet and add walnuts. Stir frequently, cook for 2-3 minutes until walnuts just begin to toast. Add bread crumbs and Zesty Country Seasoning, continuing to cook until bread crumbs are lightly toasted. Remove from heat. Plate green beans and sprinkle with topping. *Note: topping may be made ahead of time